Inner Strength is not another koncept. It´s a toolbox with drills inspired by gymnastics, core and yoga. Become an instructor or train at home. Let us create value for your customers.

Founded by:

Malin Berg

Trainer, instructor and international presenter from Sweden with a background as an artistic gymnast and with a degree in Public Health. I work with planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion projects and offer instructor trainings, workshops and classes in yoga, gymnastics, functional training, core and more.

”To me movement is the portal to growth, strength and the ability to reach one’s full potential. The meetings with my clients is what inspires me the most. I love to see people grow, get better self-confidence and to feel better about themselves – wheter it is about reaching high athletic performance, or to achieve a healthy lifestyle”

Instagram: @malinberg


Maria Olofsson

Nike Master trainer, instructor and international presenter from Sweden. Business coach for startups, project manager for tech startups, founder and co-founder of fitness concepts such as Core Control, Barre move and Inner Strength. Offer Instructor trainings in dance, step, core, barremove and more. Focusing on communication and presentation skills.

”If I have to describe myself with one word it would be ENERGY. I love to get energy from dancing, from people I meet and from my daily life. By challenging myself everyday with small and big things I get energy to all my projects going on in my life. From starting new Projects in fitness and health, working as a Master Trainer for Nike or to help an entrepreneur in my daily work as a business coach.

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